Headband with fingers 1935.32.0066

A two-headed bird and a similar, smaller figure inverted inside it. A feline is visible on the wings of the large figure. There are four tassels, like fingers, at one end of the band, with smaller versions of the bird on them. The other end of the band is missing.

Material and technique

The main band is sewn with woollen yarn and without any supporting framework
. There are parrot feathers sewn onto the “fingers” with cotton yarn. There is no padding in the band itself, but there is in the “fingers”. The embroidery is loop-stitched in linear style (110 stitches round the circumference of the band).

Dating and origin

Paracas Necropolis, Horizonte Temprano 10 (c
. 100 BC – 0)


Fakta om föremålet
Size 440x6 cm
Item number 1935.32.0066
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Category Band