16 brown fragments

MOTIF DESCRIPTION Anthropoid figure, with a head that looks like it is upside down, perhaps because it is bent back. 


Fragment with flying figure

MOTIF DESCRIPTION The pattern figure is a “flying” man, whose head is turned at right angles to the body.  The


Fragments of mantle

1 fragment returned by Gothenburg City to the Museo Nacional de Arqueologia, Antropologia e Historia and the Ministry of Culture


Fish mantle

MOTIF DESCRIPTION The motif consists of a “fish”, cf. 1935.32.182 and 1935.32.191.  There is a wide border running down one


Red cat border

MOTIF DESCRIPTION Patterning based on cats . MATERIALS AND TECHNIQUE Ground weave:  warp and weft, yellow cotton.  Embroidery:  camelid fibre


Mantel with woven slits

The motif consists of a big S-shaped “creature” with a large head at either end, each of which has horn


Insect mantle

MOTIF DESCRIPTION The pattern consists of large and small creatures with large heads, 2 big bent “horns” on each side


Black and red eagle mantle

MOTIF DESCRIPTION The motif consists of a double eagle, repeated in several different sizes within and around itself. The pattern


Yellow mantle fragment

A quasi-human figure with a head which seems to be upside down, perhaps because it is turned backwards. The figure


Brown mantle fragment

This piece probably comes from the same mantle as 1935.32.0212  in the same showcase. Motif description A quasi-human figure with


Small mantle with birds

The border is embroidered with a multicoloured bird . All their heads point in the same direction, but alternate birds


Small mantle with fruits

The border of this textile is bordered with dotted shapes resembling fruit The diagnostic tests utilized in the assessment of


Mantle with squares

This mantle is unusual, in that the motifs of Paracas fabrics are seldom purely geometric. Each square of the mantle


Purple turban or mantle

An anthropomorphic figure, seeming clad in tunic and loincloth. The head seems upside down, perhaps because it is inclined backwards.