Brown tunic

MOTIF DESCRIPTION Zoomorphic.  Motif with figure that combines the characteristics of a feline and a snake, represented in abstract from. 


Half a tunic

One half of a shirt, patterned with a bird motif inside a six-sided form, in deeper shades against a yellowish


Yellow tunic

MOTIF DESCRIPTION The border patterning is based on the same S-shape as is dispersed over the remaining surface, but on


Tunic with woven slits

MOTIF DESCRIPTION Ground weave:  the whole of the cloth is patterned with woven kelim type slits.  Borders:  a simple representation


Cat tunic with woven fringes

Variously sized felines. The middle part and the fringes are in plain weave cotton fabric. The borders are separately woven


Tunic with heart shaped face

A heart-shaped face, encircled by eight trophy heads with hair let down. The embroidery originally had a black background, but


Four colour tunic

1.    A fish or shark holding a trophy head in one hand. The motif resembles that of mantle border 1935.32.0077


Bumblebee tunic

A creature reminiscent of a bumblebee, with hands in front and hands on its hind legs . All the animals