16 brown fragments 1935.32.0212


Anthropoid figure, with a head that looks like it is upside down, perhaps because it is bent back.  The face appears to be covered by a whiskered mask.  Five snakelike bands are coming out from the chin and two trophy bodies are hanging from either side of the head.  The figure has a shell necklace and bracelets.  Each hand holds a short staff, a headband and an unidentified object.  To the sides of the figure are four snakelike bands with what looks like flowers.  The figure is dressed in a tunic, the lower part of which looks like a large face with eyes and nostrils.  This face also seems to have a mouth and teeth, from which protrude four headbands and the legs of the main figure.  The legs end in feet that do not look human, since they seem to have “thumbs”, that is a toe opposing the other toes.


Embroidered with camelid fibre yarn on cotton plain weave cloth.  The embroidery is in block colour style, stitched in very close stemstitch with a high twist yarn, which has led in part to the ground cloth splitting.  Embroidery on the fragments was worked in 16 different shades.


Paracas Necrópolis, Intermedio Temprano 1B – 2 (ca 100 BCE – 200 CE)


Fakta om föremålet
Size 14 x 14 cm
Item number 1935.32.0212
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Category Mantle