Fragment with flying figure 1935.32.0207


The pattern figure is a “flying” man, whose head is turned at right angles to the body.  The repeats are placed in rows with the heads lying in the same direction, while the bodies are turned to the right and to the left in alternating rows.  Two consecutive figures in each row repeat the colour scheme.  The lower part of the face is built up with stepped embroidery, and issuing out of the mouth is a long snake with wedge forms to either side.  The figure holds a large sprig of blossom in one hand and a trophy head in the other.


Ground weave:  warp and weft of purple cotton (? possibly animal fibre).  Embroidery in camelid fibre, yellow, green, dark green, red, pink, purple, brown, black, white and grey.  Technique:  the fragment has a seam, no selvages on the longer sides but one selvage on a short edge, where there are three thick selvage starter threads.  Embroidery in block colour style, where the stitching is slightly longer.  Contour lines for the figures’ hair:  the stitching here appears a little crude, but sewing these smaller details into such a dense cloth was probably difficult and the stitching is looser.


Intermedio Temprano 1B/2 – Paracas Necrópolis


Fakta om föremålet
Size 94 x 152 cm
Item number 1935.32.0207
Category Mantle