Mantel with woven slits 1935.32.0124a

The motif consists of a big S-shaped “creature” with a large head at either end, each of which has horn shaped hooks in the middle of its head as well as on both sides. Cats of different sizes fill the spaces between, along with smaller cats within cats

. A wide border runs down one long side and there is also a narrow border in the middle: between these running crosswise are several narrow borders with the various motifs.


Ground weave: warp and weft in dark greenish blue cotton. Embroidery: camelid fibre in the following shades: red, yellow, green and dark blue . Technique: this fragment was probably part of a mantle and pieced from three cloths sewn together. Bits of fringe, ca 2 cm long, remain on 2 sides, attached with 4 rows of cross-knit loop stitch. All the borders were stitched along the grain. Embroidery in linear style


Intermedio Temprano – Paracas Necrópolis


Fakta om föremålet
Size 140 x 265 cm
Item number 1935.32.0124a
Category Mantle