Mantle with squares 1935.32.0118

This mantle is unusual, in that the motifs of Paracas fabrics are seldom purely geometric. Each square of the mantle contains four smaller squares of various sizes and colours. The colour of the biggest squares is never repeated in this textile. Three of the squares have the same combination of colours. The mantle now has 240 squares, but it has been shortened and probably numbered 288 squares or more to begin with
. It was formerly edged with black tubular cross-knit loop stitches.

Material and technique

Woollen fabric, plain-woven with an advanced interlocking technique. Each colour field is woven as if a piece in its own right. The threads do not extend throughout the weave . Instead, with every change of colour the thread has been concluded and joined onto a new one. This applies to warp and weft alike. A total of 22 different colours have been used

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Dating and origin

Paracas Necropolis, Intermedio Temprano 1 (c. 100 BC – 300 AD)


Fakta om föremålet
Size 180x89 cm
Item number 1935.32.0118
Category Mantle