killer whale poncho 1935.32.0186

Motif composed of several different animals. The same motif occurs in textiles 1935.32.0187 (showcases 2) and 1935.32.0185 (showcases  21). The figure has a comb, white ruff and feathers resembling the Peruvian condor (Vultur gyphus). It has side-fins like a shark’s. The muzzle, jaw and head colouring resemble those of the killer whale (grampus). The picture also includes a human hand holding up a trophy head, and the figure has feet which are not human, because one toe points in the opposite direction from the others. In the border the motif is repeated in four different colour combinations, alternately facing right and left. The middle part has the same figure in squares, diagonally arranged according to colour.

Material and technique

Embroidered with woollen yarn on plain-woven woollen fabric. The embroidery is in stem-stitch in colour-field style. Round the edges of the poncho are points sewn in blanket stitch over a support thread.

Dating and origin

Paracas Necropolis, Intermedio Temprano 2 (c. 100 AD – 200 AD)


Fakta om föremålet
Size 72x73 cm
Item number 1935.32.0186
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Category Poncho