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Collections in the world

The biggest collection of Paracas textiles is in Museo Nacional de Antopologia y Arqueologia in Lima, Peru. The same museum has a large number of funerary bundles which have not been unpacked.


Outside Peru, the biggest collections are in the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, the American Museum of Natural History and the Brooklyn Museum of Art, New York, as well as the Museum of World Culture in Gothenburg. What is remarkable about these collections is the large number of complete costumes held, enabling scholars and researchers to investigate many different aspects of these textiles – technique, colouring and patterning, for example – in one and the same place
. Earlier on, collecting Paracas textiles was considered a prestigious mission and this led to Paracas textiles being held, apart from in Peru, in art museums, private collections and many Western museums of ethnography. Fragments of one and the same textile item are often held in different collections

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. For example, fragments from the Gothenburg collection textile artefacts are also to be found in both Buenos Aires and Stockholm. There are Paracas textiles in other Swedish collections besides the one in Gothenburg. The Museum of Ethnography in Stockholm has some 60 recorded objects with a Paracas connection . The bulk of these consist of fragments, but included also are a few mantles, turbans and loincloths.  The collection includes a large number of mantles in doublecloth woven with alpaca yarn, presumed to come from Paracas, though this has not been ascertained. Kulturen in Lund has several Peruvian fragments.