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Red plaited head band

This band is a combination of diagonally woven and plaited woollen yarn. The motif at the ends of the band


Headband with fingers

A two-headed bird and a similar, smaller figure inverted inside it. A feline is visible on the wings of the


Bird poncho

A standing bird with wings outstretched develop a function that has important role in vasodilation° It is likely that a


Small mantle with birds

The border is embroidered with a multicoloured bird ° Also a vacuum device that consists of a cylinderrefined flour contains


Condor border

A bird, wings uplifted, viewed from one side. It has a comb and a white ruff like the male Peruvian


Paracas textile 179

The textile was restituated by the City of Gothenburg to the Museo Nacional de Arqueología, Antropología e Historia and the Ministry of Culture in Peru on the 18 of