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16 brown fragments

MOTIF DESCRIPTION Anthropoid figure, with a head that looks like it is upside down, perhaps because it is bent back. 


Headband with fingers

A two-headed bird and a similar, smaller figure inverted inside it. A feline is visible on the wings of the


Killer whale turban

Se motif description for mantle 1935.32.0187 in the same showcase. The figures all face in the same direction, but are


Yellow mantle fragment

A quasi-human figure with a head which seems to be upside down, perhaps because it is turned backwards. The figure


Brown mantle fragment

This piece probably comes from the same mantle as 1935.32.0212  in the same showcase. Motif description A quasi-human figure with


Yellow Border

This border has one of the Paracas collection’s most highly detailed motifs. It probably comes from the same mantle as


Border with fringes

An anthropomorphic figure with its head tilted backwards, causing it to look upside down . The figure is dressed in


Bird border

A bird with its neck bent and one leg stretched up towards its beak. Each bird occupies a separate square


Border with fringe

An anthropomorphic figure dressed in tunic, leggings and anklets, with a feather headdress and a face mask. Serpentine bands emerge


Border with pampas cats

Eight felines, probably pampas cats (Oncifelus colocolo or Leopardus colocolo) are depicted on the border. There are trophy heads on


Painted poncho

p>This textile is both painted and embroidered, which is unusual for Paracas textiles. There are embroidered figures round the edges


Bird poncho

A standing bird with wings outstretched . The neck is bent in such a way that the beak almost touches


Witch border

A figure resembling a fish, holding a trophy head in its hands. This motif occurs in four different reiterated colour


Trophy head border

An anthropomorphic figure, holding a knife in one hand . There are four trophy heads by the figure’s head, one


Small mantle with birds

The border is embroidered with a multicoloured bird . All their heads point in the same direction, but alternate birds


Small mantle with fruits

The border of this textile is bordered with dotted shapes resembling fruit The diagnostic tests utilized in the assessment of