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Four colour tunic

1.    A fish or shark holding a trophy head in one hand. The motif resembles that of mantle border 1935.32.0077


Condor border

A bird, wings uplifted, viewed from one side. It has a comb and a white ruff like the male Peruvian


Unfinished border

The unfinished state of this border enables one to see how textile work could proceed. First the outlines of each


Purple border

See motif description for turban/mantle 1935.32.0184 in the same showcase. Material and technique Embroidered with woollen yarn on plain-woven cotton


Purple turban or mantle

An anthropomorphic figure, seeming clad in tunic and loincloth. The head seems upside down, perhaps because it is inclined backwards.


Killer whale mantle

See motif description for mantle 1935.32.0186 in showcase 1. The figures are in separate squares, placed in rows but alternately


killer whale poncho

Motif composed of several different animals. The same motif occurs in textiles 1935.32.0187 (showcases 2) and 1935.32.0185 (showcases  21). The