Four colour tunic 1935.32.0120

1.    A fish or shark holding a trophy head in one hand. The motif resembles that of mantle border 1935.32.0077 (showcase 14).

2.    An anthropomorphic figure with its hair let down, holding a spear
. The figure resembles that in border 1935.32.0084 (showcase 14).

3.    An anthropomorphic figure, frontally depicted. Certain details of the face – the ears and nose, for example – resemble those of the figure in border 1935.32.0084 (showcase 14).

4.    An anthropomorphic figure holding a trophy head.

Material and technique

Embroidered in woollen yarn on plain-woven woollen fabric. The embroidery is in stem-stitch in colour-field style. The front and back of the tunic have different border patterns.

Dating and origin

Paracas Necropolis, Intermedio Temprano 1A (c. 100 BC – 100 AD)


Fakta om föremålet
Size 60x60 cm
Item number 1935.32.0120
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Category Tunic