Red mantle with figure with stave 1935.32.0209

The border and middle part of this mantle are woven with different thread counts, but the embroidered stitches cover equal numbers of threads in the fabric, with the result that the border and middle part have differently sized embroidered figures.

Motif description

Human-looking figure apparently wearing a tunic, loincloth and turban. There is an object, possibly a knife, projecting from the turban. Wings protruding behind the back may be a cape made of feathers. The figure has bands round its ankles. In one hand it holds a straight stave. In the other hand is a stave with a sharp point and two suspended objects. These latter could be bells or crotals depicted simultaneously from the side and beneath. Figure no. 7 in textile 1935.32.0179 (showcase 4) wears a similar article.

All figures in the border have heads pointing in the same direction, but alternate figures are reversed. The ground weave of the border is cotton and that of the mantle is woollen. The embroidery is in stem-stitch in colour-field style.

Dating and origin

Paracas Necropolis, Intermedio Temprano 1B (c. 100 BC – 100 AD)


Fakta om föremålet
Size 265x163 cm
Item number 1935.32.0209
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Category Mantle